Educating each other is vital in our march toward a cure. We believe knowledge, support, resources, and working together is powerful. 

Additional guides can be found at:

G-PACT - Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatments - Non-profit dedicated to Digestive Tract Paralysis, conditions which inhibit the GI tract from moving food forward normally.

G-PACT's Registry - International IRB (Independent Review Board) approved registry for Gastroparesis with over 1600 patients. Largest registry for GP in the world. 

The PACT Blog - G-PACT's e-newsletter/blog with current news, spotlight patients, updates, and articles of interest by team members

G-PACT Support Programs - Call a PAL or connect online with us and meet others

G-PACT Resources - Free unique resources available to make managing DTP a bit easier

IFFGD - (International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders) - Non-profit providing educational resources, advocacy work, and making patient voices heard for a number of GI disorders

AGMD - (Association for Gastric Motility Disorders) - Non-profit providing educational resources and patient support programs for gastric motility disorders 


ANMS -  (American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society) - Professional organization with a focus on Neuromuscular and Motility related GI Conditions

AGA - (American Gastroenterological Association) - Professional Association focusing on all GI conditions