There are a lot of issues to consider when dealing with DTP.  Check out our book reports throughout the month to learn more about management. Each will be posted here as we publish them on our social media pages. 


Every Week, check out one of our Social Media pages for a new article published by Patients Rising:

Wed. Aug 7- Gastroparesis: What Makes Me Different Makes Me Strong by: Samantha Smith

Wed. Aug 14-
Choosing to Die with Dignity by: Jennie Lucio

Thurs. Aug 15 - Coping with Digestive Tract Paralysis by: Cheyanne Perry


Thurs. Aug. 22 - Five Obtacles Dysmotility Patients Have to Overcome (survey from community)

Thursday, Aug. 29 - You Can't see my Paralyzed Stomach, but it's there by: Katharine Navarro (a.k.a. Kat)


Every Thursday, you will meet a new Honor Patient here! You may also nominate someone.  


Every Friday, you will get a chance to meet one of the G-PACT Team Members:

Friday, Aug. 2 -
Carolanne Monteleone, Social Media Director 

Friday, Aug. 9 -
Marie Jefferson-Clune, Public Relations Director

Friday, Aug. 16 -
Colleen Beener, Director of Operations

Friday, Aug. 23 - Samantha Smith, Vice President

Friday, Aug. 30 -
Carissa Haston, President and Director of Creative Productions

Special Announcement Article:

Saturday, Aug. 31-
Carissa Haston, Reflecting on 18 Years


Articles from The Mighty:

Tuesday, Aug. 6 - The Reality of Digestive Tract Paralysis


Tuesday, Aug. 13 - To Those Who Find My Illness 'Hard to Understand' When They See Me Smiling

Tuesday, Aug. 20 - The Unexpected Superpowers I have as a Chronically Ill Nurse


Tuesday, Aug. 27 - I am Done with Apologizing for Having Good Days with Chronic Illness









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