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It's Gastroparesis Awareness Week! This is the week that led to the start of  Gastroparesis Awareness Month in 2011. G-PACT celebrates a birthday on Aug. 23. In 2010 we started out with awareness week. The following year, it led to a month and has stayed consistent ever since!

This week we will share some of our top recipes from one of our Gastroparesis cookbooks every day! 


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Sunday, Aug. 18- Simply Sweet Peach Protein Smoothie













Monday, Aug 19- Apple and Pear Soup

Tuesday, Aug. 20- Apricot Salmon

Wednesday, Aug. 21- Sweet Potato and Carrot Puree

Thursday, Aug. 22- Banana Bread

Friday, Aug. 23- Ginger Candy

Saturday, Aug. 24- Pumpkin Fluff Dip

For more info on the Gastroparesis Gourmet Cookbook or the Tender Tummy cookbook, go to

Gastroparesis Recipe