The Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge was started by a college student in Boston. It has been taken by patients, friends and family, athletes, celebrities, employees, high school and college team, scouts, and even animals in all parts of the world! It has appeared on ESPN, People, Inside Edition, Sports Illustrated, as well as several media outlets in Boston, Connecticut, New York, and Texas. In addition, the challenge has also been covered by Bleacher Report and several newspapers most notably the Boston Globe and New York Daily News. Although a featured event for Awareness Month, it takes place all year round. The challenge has raised in excess of $10,000 towards finding a cure. 

The rules are as follows:
1) Record yourself smashing a cream pie into your face, or smash one into someone else's! 
2) Challenge as many of your friends as you would like
3) Post your video on your personal social media accounts and on the official challenge page on Facebook, Twitter: @gppieface, or Instagram: gppieface
4) If someone you challenged doesn't take the challenge within 24 hours, he or she must donate a dollar to G-PACT.
5) If you see this video and are not personally named to be challenged, don't wait around to be named in a someone's challenge. Take the challenge yourself!
6) Have Fun and be creative!!!

Please take the challenge and share this video!! 

Check out the Awareness Month Celebrity Slam Week event and the GP Pie Face Competition