Celebrity Targets:

1) Ann Curry - Journalist 

@anncurry on Facebook/Twitter/IG







2) Julian Edelman - NFL Player 

@edelman11 on FB/Twitter/IG









3) Bobby Bones- Radio Host 

@mrbobbybones on FB/Twitter/IG




Ann Curry.jpg
Julian Edelman.jpg
Bobby Bones.jpg

August 11-18

Take part in the Gastroparesis Pie Face Celebrity Slam for awareness month! Slam the three celebs we have chosen with pie face videos on all their social media accounts for a week straight. This event is taking place from *Aug. 11-Aug. 18.*


Get your videos ready now to challenge #AnnCurry, #JulianEdelman, and #BobbyBones Slam them with pie face videos so much that they will never want to see pie again! Let's come together and hit them all at once. It's hard to ignore 16,000+ pies in faces x 8 days in a row!! If you've created one, feel free to use it, or better yet, make a personal challenge video to these celebrities!