One of the best ways to knock out the sense of hopelessness and helplessness that often accompanies the challenges of DTP is to give back to others. Some feel as if they have nothing to contribute because they don't have the energy to do very much. However, even the smallest acts of kindness can improve someone else's day in a huge way. It is possible for anyone to make a positive Im-PACT on the lives of others. This is the focus of one of our big awareness events this year. 


Go out and buy a batch of flowers, bag of candy, or some inexpensive small gifts to hand out to people randomly at the store, doctors office, hospital, pharmacy, or where you go on a regular basis. Other ideas are just leaving a used book somewhere for anyone to take, or something along those lines. There are many easy things you can do! There is no set day for this...do it throughout the month, all in one day, or even year round! How does this create awareness? Download and include the images below which explain why we are doing this, and the flyer with brief info on DTP and a link to our site for more information.

Imagine the im-PACT this could make on the lives of many across the world and give back to people. It will make such a difference!

making an impact.jpg

Click to Download the Make an Im-Pact Card 

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